2018 was a good year for paving with favorable prices from contractors.   We were able to reconstruct almost 4 miles of Township roads. 180th St. from Cty OO to 10th Ave, 10th Ave to the Seymour line, 40th Ave from Cty J to 160th St, 35th Ave from 160th to dead end and 15th Ave from 160th to the dead end.  We are working our way up the Pacer rating list and hope to be able to do another 4 miles of roads in 2019.  With 92 miles of roads in Lafayette and the life expectancy of 20 to 25 years, it’s a constant rebuilding process.

With the new Stillson School being built on 50th Ave., we will be looking at rebuilding 50th Ave from J to 160th St. but that may have to wait till 2021 as we are applying for DOT funding to help offset the construction cost.